Keep the lights on with continuous visualization


A streamlined way to perform One Lung Ventilation that increases patient safety

​Although similar to conventional Double Lumen Tubes, VivaSight-DL has a built-in camera that enables you to immediately detect and correct malpositioning and dislocation without compromising ventilation. 

Increases patient safety 

Enables you to follow the tube placement and patient airway in real time throughout the entire procedure.

Improves overall efficiency

Continuous visualization on an external monitor streamlines the procedure and reduces the need for bronchoscopy.


When you consider the overall time and resources associated with the use of conventional Double Lumen Tubes, including the use of bronchoscopes for visual guidance, VivaSight-DL can actually lower the cost per procedure.  

Health economic study summary

Larsen et al. found VivaSight-DL to be cost-effective compared to a cDLT and reusable bronchoscope for OLV procedures. Download a summary of the health economic study here.


Continuous visualization

Real-time monitoring

​Immediately detect and correct malpositioning and dislocation

Streamlined procedure

Significantly reduces the need for confirmation of tube placement by bronchoscopic guidance

Increase patient safety

Continuous visualization minimizes complications caused by interruption of ventilation and single-use sterility reduces the risk of patient cross-contamination 

Effective intubation

Less need to stop, check and reposition the DLT

Share knowledge

Real time monitoring ideal for collaboration between the anaesthetic and surgical teams


Can lower the cost per procedure


VivaSight-DL for one lung ventilation

Intubation and airway management during lung isolation procedures present a series of challenges for even the most experienced team.
VivaSight-DL overcomes todays challenges by offering visual control during placement as well as continuous visualisation during the entire OLV procedure.

Visualisation during one lung ventilation improves patient safety and is increasingly recommended as good clinical practice.

Continuous monitoring

VivaSight-DL allows for continuous visual monitoring of tube position throughout the procedure

Clinical Studies


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Technical specifications


Left sided 35 Fr, 37 Fr, 39 Fr & 41 Fr
For dimensions, please refer to datasheet

Image sensor:



CIF 320 x 240 (76,800 pixels)

Depth of field:

12-60 mm

Field of view:

~100º diagonal

Light source:

2 white LEDs (49.5mW – 66mW)

Spare parts

There are no spare parts or accessories for this product.



file_download Single Lung Ventilation Brochure
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file_download VivaSight-DL datasheet
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Instructions for use

file_download Ambu® VivaSight-DL IFU
(12.29 MB - pdf)

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August 2019

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VivaSight is manufactured by ETView LTD and distributed by Ambu A/S