Ambu single-use endoscopes and other devices can be used for a wide range of airway procedures


Clinical studies document the benefits of adding advanced visualization equipment to the toolbox of airway management. aScope 4 Broncho and King Vision are the ideal choice for all types of intubation.

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One Lung Ventilation

To overcome the challenges of proper placement and positioning of double lumen tubes or endobronchial blockers, visual guidance is recommended as good clinical practice. The VivaSight portfolio makes One Lung Ventilation fast and effective and increases patient safety.

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Secretion management

One of the most common uses of bronchoscopy in the ICU is management of retained secretions and atelectasis. Visual guidance using an aScope 4 Broncho Large endoscope ensures efficient and safe removal of secretion without risk of damaging the bronchial mucosa.

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Critically ill patients on mechanical ventilation face a number of risks during hospitalisation in the ICU.
BAL is an excellent procedure for timely and accurate diagnosis. But, do you always have immediate access to a flexible bronchoscope when needed?

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Bedside PDT

Bronchoscopy guidance during PDT enhances patient safety. aScope 4 Broncho has clear advantages as it eliminates all repair costs normally associated with use of bronchoscopes for PDT. In addition, it eliminates the risk of cross-contamination.

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Due to a lack of equipment and fear of damaging expensive scope systems, training intubation and bronchoscopy skills is a challenge. With the single-use aScope 4 Broncho scope, you no longer have to worry about monopolizing equipment for training or reprocessing or expensive repairs.

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