Ambu offers single-use endoscopy solutions for urology that help you increase your productivity and simplify your workflow

Single-use endoscopy solutions for urology procedures

Ambu is the largest and most experienced supplier of innovative single-use endoscopes in the world. We will build on our offering with more quality single-use endoscopy solutions for urology in the near future.

Ambu® aScope 4 Cysto

Helps you take control of your cystoscopy schedule and be more productive.


Next-generation Cystoscope

Ambu will launch a sterile, single-use high-resolution cystoscope.


Ambu will launch a sterile, single-use digital flexible ureteroscope.

How safe is your cystoscope reprocessing?

Urgent recall in US raises doubts

A large manufacturer has issued an urgent cystoscope recall notice in the US. It included instructions to discontinue High Level Disinfectant and Liquid Chemical Sterilisation reprocessing of its reusable scopes. The recall was followed up by an FDA letter to HCPs. Customers without access to an appropriate reprocessing alternative are being asked to discontinue the use of the affected endoscopes.

Time to consider single-use?

The Ambu aScope 4 Cysto single-use endoscope offers a solution to this issue. It completely eliminates the need for reprocessing and makes a new, sterile cystoscope available at all times for every patient.

Get all the details on the recall, an overview of the practices and shortcomings of reprocessing as it is done today, and learn about the benefits of single-use cystoscopes.

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Dr. Wasim Mahmalji talks about how the aScope 4 Cysto single-use concept has streamlined workflow and helped solve cystoscopy capacity issues at Hereford County Hospital.

Professor Helen O’Connell, AO Urological Surgeon in East Melbourne, discusses the advantages of aScope 4 Cysto compared to the reusable cystoscopes she has used in the past.

Want to learn more about aScope 4 Cysto?

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Clinical performance of Ambu® aScope 4 Cysto

How do urologists rate the Ambu single-use cystoscope?

This white paper conveys the results of urologist evaluations of aScope 4 Cysto after performing cystoscopies.

The white paper:

  • Is based on feedback from 380 urologists in Europe, Australia and Hong Kong 
  • Summarises urologists’ perceptions of image quality, manoeuvrability, navigation and overall performance
  • Indicates a high level of satisfaction among urologists worldwide 


Interested in how urologists in the US rate aScope 4 Cysto?

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Results indicate market-readiness for single-use cystoscopes 

Urologists and procurement managers worldwide willing to adopt

A total of 415 urologists and procurement managers in France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, the UK, and the US indicated that they were willing to convert to single-use cystoscopes for almost half of their procedures. 

Survey respondents showed willingness to convert to single-use cystoscopes for 44.5% of their cystoscopy procedures.

What are the main drivers for single-use adoption?

Statistical analysis of the survey responses indicated that respondents who anticipated a significantly higher conversion rate tended to be those who currently experience issues that single-use cystoscopes  would address. 

Market drivers – single-use benefits include:

  • Continuous availability
  • Sterility 
  • Cost-transparency 

See the detailed results
The original research paper entitled, Market Readiness for Single-Use Cystoscopes According to Urologists and Procurement Managers Worldwide, was published in Research and Reports in Urology (2021: 13). 

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About Ambu solutions for urology

Ambu is the world's largest supplier of single-use endoscopy solutions. Our solutions for urology offer:

  • Consistent quality because you get a brand-new endoscope for every procedure
  • A solution that is always available and easy to transport 
  • A way to eliminate the need for reprocessing, costly repairs and the risk of cross-contamination

Learn about Ambu aScope 4 Cysto

Facts and numbers

Key take-aways
One-page overview with references summarising important scientific evidence related to single-use cystoscopes.
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Clinical Evidence Dossier
Detailed summaries of published peer-reviewed studies on infection control, performance and health economics related to the aScope 4 Cysto single-use cystoscope.
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Clinical performance evaluations
The reports below summarise urologists’ initial perceptions of Ambu® aScope 4 Cysto in Europe, Australia, Hong Kong and the US. Parameters evaluated include image quality, navigation and overall performance.
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Download US report

aScope 4 Cysto:
100% plastic neutral in Europe and Latin America

A partnership with Plastic Bank® will prevent over 100 tons of plastic from entering the ocean. The quantity corresponds to the amount of plastic used in all of the Ambu single-use aScope products in EMEA and Latin America throughout the year.
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FDA news release on infections associated with reusable urological endoscopes

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is investigating numerous medical device reports (MDRs) describing patient infections and other possible contamination issues possibly associated with reprocessed urological endoscopes.

Read the full report here


See short videos in which urologists perform procedures with the single-use aScope 4 Cysto endoscope.

Stent removal 
Dr. Palese performs a cystoscopy with stent pull

Watch video

Botox procedure
Dr. Kennelly performs a botulinum toxin injection

Watch video

Catheter placement procedure
Dr. Vourganti performs a difficult catheter placement

Watch video

Bladder Cancer Surveillance
Dr. Bechis performas a Bladder Cancer Surveillance

Watch video

Scientific conference posters

These non-peer reviewed posters, created by Ambu and distributed at EUGA 2020, offer a quick overview of urologists concerns when it comes to reusable cystoscopes, and how they feel about the single-use alternative. 

Survey results:
Market readiness
European urologists showed an interest in converting from conventional reusable to single-use cystoscopes. 
See poster

Survey results:
Almost half of the 105 urologists surveyed were concerned about patient cross-contamination linked to reusable cystoscopes. 
See poster

Survey results:
89 of the 105 urologists involved reported having to wait for cystoscopes to become available, and the majority also reported a deterioration of image quality and/or manoeuvrability.
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Reusable cystoscope issue in Japan
Most of the 53 Japanese urologists surveyed had experienced issues with reprocessing, and almost one third had experienced availability issues.
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The first three posters above are based on a survey conducted among 105 urologists divided evenly in the UK, Germany and France. Poster 4 surveyed 53 Japanese urologists. They were a part of the program at EUGA 2020 and UAA 2020.

Poster: Cystoscopy device-associated adverse events
Thematisation analysis: Most common adverse events related to patient infection and positive microbiological tests
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