Shine a light on hidden costs

• Time used repositioning
• Use of bronchoscopes
• Backup anaesthesiologist 
• Service & repairs
• Reprocessing cost

The cost-effective alternative for One Lung Ventilation

VivaSight-DL is a single-use double lumen tube (DL) that offers a cost-effective way to perform One Lung Ventilation, which increases patient safety.

A health economic study indicates that VivaSight-DL offers clear financial benefits too.


Study demonstrates savings of USD 47.65 per procedure

The health economic study (Larsen et al., Aug 2019), which is based on a randomized controlled trial, is the first to compare the costs and effects of a conventional DLT used in combination with a reusable bronchoscope to VivaSight-DL alone. It concluded that VivaSight-DL offers a cost-effective alternative for OLV procedures.

Potential gains for institutions of all sizes

According to the study, the incremental savings per OLV procedure were USD 47.65 with VivaSight-DL (See Table 1). This is equivalent to an annual saving of USD 28,600 (assuming 600 annual procedures). However, even when the number of annual OLV procedures (800, 1000, and 1200 [base-case 600]) is increased, VivaSight-DL remains cost-effective.

1 Larsen et al. A Cost-Effectiveness Analysis Comparing the VivaSight Double-lumen Tube to a Conventional Double-Lumen Tube in Adult Patients Undergoing Thoracic Surgery Involving One-lung Ventilation. 2019 PharmacoEconomics Open

VivaSight-DL improves procedure workflow

The tables are the results of a cost-effectiveness analysis, which was based on a randomized control trial (RCT) conducted at a large Danish university hospital where approximately 600 OLV procedures are performed annually. 

The RCT was designed with two arms; 22 patients in the conventional DLT arm and 30 in the VivaSight-DL arm, respectively.

3 reasons VivaSight-DL reduces hidden costs

The analysis demonstrates that VivaSight-DL reduces costs associated with conventional DLTs, and there are three main reasons for this.

1 The continuous visualization that VivaSight-DL offers significantly reduces the need to use a bronchoscope to verify correct tube placement.

2 As a single-use solution, VivaSight-DL eliminates costs associated with reprocessing of bronchoscopes.

3 VivaSight-DL can decrease the time and resources you spend on repositioning when using a conventional DLT and a bronchoscope.

Download the summary of the new health economic study


A Cost-Effectiveness Analysis Comparing the VivaSight Double-lumen Tube and a Conventional Double-lumen Tube in Adult Patients Undergoing Thoracic Surgery Involving One-Lung Ventilation.

Larsen et al., 2019, PharmacoEconomics Open