Ambu® CPR Pal

  • Lightweight
  • Patented Hygienic system
  • Airway open only when hyper extended

The Ambu CPR Pal is a low-priced and simple but effective training manikin ideal for CPR training, which is also suitable for training of correct placement of AED pads.


The Ambu CPR Pal is lightweight and can easy be stored or transported. The complete unit is delivered in a carrying bag where all necessary accessories can find a place.

Like all Ambu BLS manikins the Ambu CPR Pal has the patented hygienic system that eliminates the risk of cross infections. All trainees receive their own face piece and head bag for the training. At the end of the training the face piece can be cleaned and the head back is discarded. A truly 100% hygienic way of training.

Just as in real life the airway open only when the head is properly hyper extended. Stomach inflation indicated by a whistling sound. 



    73 x 40 x 25 cm


    3,8 kg

    Spare parts

    We offer 4 Spare parts for this product


    Sparepart Drawings

    file_download Ambu CPR Pal Spareparts & Accessories
    (1.13 MB - pdf)

    Supplementary Information

    file_download Reach document for Training Manikins
    (228.38 KB - pdf)
    file_download Symbol Explanation
    (2.35 MB - pdf)

    November 2017