Environmental profile

Climate Change and Environmental policy


The purpose of this policy is to define Ambu’s environmental behaviour.


The environment is in this policy defined by the surrounding nature and community, this includes our emissions of greenhouse gases and thereby our impact on the climate changes.


Ambu strives to minimise negative environmental impact and avoid climate changes - Preserving the environment is important for Ambu.

As a global company Ambu has an impact on the global environment. Our long-term responsibility is to reduce our environmental impact in everything we do.

Ambu has no direct emission from our manufacturing processes either to air, water or ground. Our wastes are being separated in different materials and recycled either in our own processes or send to reuse at recycling stations.

Our policy for the environment applies to everyone, anywhere and everything at Ambu. The policy addresses these impacts in all aspects of our business. Through the policy we continuously seek to reduce the impact on the environment and climate change by optimizing in these areas:

  • Administration/IT: Energy consumption, paper use, traveling
  • Product Development: Selection of material, material use, design for disposal
  • Production: Material use, energy consumption, water use, emissions, waste
  • Logistics/Distribution: Emissions, transportation, lead time
  • Sales and Marketing: Reduction of printed material
  • Suppliers/Vendors: Selecting green suppliers if possible

The management shall ensure that the employees are skilled, trained and motivated to carry out their jobs in an environmentally responsible way

Ambu communicates openly with the staff and with the local communities about the environmental situation of the company and strives to obtain the best co-operation with authorities.


We select our suppliers based on multiple criteria. Important parameters include environmental and business ethics and human rights behavior.

To be a supplier to Ambu the supplier must be in compliance with and able to sign the Ambu “Code of Conduct” document. If we have not received a signed document within a given period, the supplier will receive a further warning and then considered replaced.

Supplier audits

All strategic suppliers shall be visited during the selection process. Supplier audits can be triggered by for instance contract renewals or quality issues.

Download policy

You can download Ambu's Climate change and Environmental Policy here:
Climate change and Environmental Policy