Sustainable innovation by circular design

We take a circular approach to design

In our efforts to work towards a more sustainable future, Ambu has chosen to look backwards. In fact, all the way back to the beginning of a product cycle – namely, the product design. One of three sustainability pillars defined by Ambu concerns circular design and pertains to sustainability related to the choice of materials, parts, processing, modules, products, packaging etc.

Material ESG topics and issues 2020/2021

Our initial analysis of materiality, based on external sources, resulted in a long list of more than 300 individual issues which were grouped into 49 overall issues and assessed in two ways. Firstly, on the basis of importance to Ambu, and secondly, on the importance to external stakeholders.

The issues were then grouped into 23 material topics that were entered into a matrix which depicts the distribution of the topics, in terms of importance for Ambu and for our stakeholders. Each topic has been classified according to one of six categories for communication in the annual Ambu sustainability report. 

The matrix (to the left) provides an overview of Ambu’s most material ESG topics which will serve as our baseline for future materiality assessments as well as guidance for our work with sustainability and ESG in the coming years.

See table of ESG topics (PDF)

R&D focus areas:

Healthy substances

Reasure the use of chemicals when choosing materials to avoid exposure to substances of concern and enable safe cycling.

Green materials innovation

Rethink the way we enable cycling of greener materials in our parts and our products.

Circular product design

Redefine the product structure to keep the materials at the highest possible value at all times enabling cycling by design.

Circular packaging & logistics

Rethink packaging and the way we ship our products from suppliers to customers and cycling beyond end-of-life.

Manufacturing cascades

Reduce and recirculate materials, energy and water from side streams of our processes to make more from less through cascaded use.

System innovation

Reconfigure the system through pilots and partnerships to achieve actual take-back and recycling in key regional markets.

2021 Red Dot Design Awards Winner

Ambu® aScope 4 Cysto and Ambu® aScope Duodeno have been awarded with the Red Dot Design Award. And in addition, the aScope Duodeno has been awarded a Red Dot Innovative Product Award.  Red Dot Design Awards is arguably the most renowned design competition worldwide.

Read our latest sustainability report

Download our latest sustainability report for more insight on our sustainability approach and initiatives.

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