Phthalate policy

Phthalate policy

At Ambu, we prioritise safety, reduction of risk, and better products for our patients and professional users. Research suggests that continued exposure to phthalates may have harmful effects on humans.

That is why Ambu will

  • substitute phthalates classified as harmful to reproduction or as endocrine disruptors in all products
  • choose phthalate-free materials for new products
  • inform openly about products which contain phthalates

Ambu has already commenced the journey towards safer products without phthalates. We have substituted phthalates in all our face masks, laryngeal masks and resuscitators. By 2019, Ambu’s products no longer contain phthalates classified as harmful.

We believe that it should be easy for our customers and users to find information about Ambu’s position towards phthalates. That is why we have published Ambu’s phthalate policy. In addition, you can find information about REACH classified substances in each product category.

Download Ambu's phthalate policy

December 2016