Make lack of available bronchoscopes a thing of the past

Not having access to a flexible scope can have tragic consequences

In March 2011 the 4th National Audit Project (NAP4) of The Royal College of Anaesthetists and The Difficult Airway Society published a comprehensive review of all reported major airway management complications occurring in the UK over a period of one year.

Insufficient availability of equipment for management of the difficult airway in the OR, ER and ICU was considered among the major causative factors contributing to poor patient outcomes.1

50% of ICU airway complications resulted in death2


ICU Airway cases


Brain damage cases






ended in death

NAP4 key recommendations

The consequences of not having access to a flexible bronchoscope can be fatal for the patient. Therefore, recommendations based on the NAP4 survey includes.1

  • checkInvestment in adequate visualization equipment
  • checkImplementation of proper training plans

A flexible fiberscope should be immediately available on the ICU to check position of the tracheal/tracheostomy tubes and assist with fibreoptic intubation or percutaneous tracheostomy placement

— NAP4 ICU recommendation1

Dr. Mark Dunn discusses the need for immediately available bronchoscopes.

Always sterile. Always available.

The sterile single-use aScope 4 Broncho improves patient safety and workflow as it is always available when needed.

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Planning bronchoscopy procedures

Think about it — do you always have immediate access to a flexible bronchoscope when you need it during your workday? And is it any different at night and on the weekends?

In many ICUs, the standard practice has been to request a bronchoscope tower and then wait. But, every minute counts. The wait could be 30 minutes or it could be several hours. The complications are compounded by staffing availability issues. Who will be available at the exact time the scope is ready?

Bronchoscopy should fit your schedule
Scheduling today vs. scheduling with aScope 4 Broncho


Scheduling today

Imagine you want to do four bronchoscopies today. Could you fit them all in? Are you guaranteed a scope at the time you will need it and have the staff ready? What’s the turnaround on getting a clean scope? If you have to wait until tomorrow, what consequences will delaying treatment have on your patients?

Scheduling with aScope 4 Broncho

Now imagine you can schedule the bronchoscopies whenever you need to. Your bronchoscope system can be set up in seconds. You have the ability to do all the procedures first thing in the morning or push them until later. Even if later is 2 am, you can always perform bronchoscopy.

Costs of bronchoscopy delay

Due to demand, reprocessing and repair, bronchoscopes may not always be available when needed.

In an emergency situation, immediate access to bronchoscopes is very important. Just a few minutes of delay can have fatal consequences for the patient if it means that the airway cannot be secured.

In the ICU, delay of a bedside bronchoscopy procedure like BAL or secretion management, may eventually lead to prolonged hospital stay.

In OR just 10 minutes of surgical delay costs:

350 USD



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  2. Cook TM, et al. Major complications of airway management in the UK: results of the Fourth National Audit Project of the Royal College of Anaesthetists and the Difficult Airway Society. Part 2 Intensive Care and Emergency Department. Br J Anaesth. 2011;106:632-42.